How to Join

Take the following steps to join the course.

  1. Choose Course

    Choose "Home Course" or "Grameen Course"

  2. Sign Up

    Go to "SIGNUP" and register your profile to Home Course or Grameen Course

  3. Read Course Information

    After registering your profile on "SIGNUP", you will see a message that you can get "Course Information". Download and read it to know how to book a lesson.
    You can also get "Course Information" through this link after you log-in

  4. Take Trial Lesson

    Before you decide to start the course, take a free trial lesson with one of our tutors.

  5. Pay Course Fee

    If you want to start the course, pay course fee.

  6. Book First Lesson

    Once we confirm your payment, you can book the first lesson; Chapter 1/ HTML&CSS.

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