I know nothing about programming. Can I become a professional programmer?

Yes. You don’t have to know anything about programming before you start the course. We created our original textbook for a beginner-level student. Our experienced tutors and the textbook help you become a professional programmer within six months.

What are qualifications/infrastructures required to start the course?

As the lesson is taught in English, you need to read, listen, and speak English. You also need to have a PC, Internet access, and a handset to communicate with your tutor.
For further instruction, refer to Course Information you will receive after registering your profile. It shows you how to prepare the lesson step by step.

What if I don’t have PC and Internet access?

Students who don’t have PC and Internet access at home can use a training center of Grameen Communications in Mirpur, Dhaka. The center is equipped with PCs, stable Internet access and handsets. You can go there and take a lesson online whenever you like. Click here for further information

Who teaches the course?

Your tutors are Filipino experienced programmers who have been engaged in various programming projects to date. They are very much motivated to educate students and teach you how to code effectively during the lesson from a viewpoint of practical programming work.

When do I take an online private lesson?

You can take a lesson at home from 10:00 to 21:00 Monday through Friday. If you use a training center of Grameen Communications, you can take a lesson from 10:00 to 18:00 Sunday through Thursday.
You can choose a lesson time that is the most convenient for you from tutors’ schedule.

How do I communicate with tutor during the lesson?

You communicate with tutor using Google Hangout to talk and share your desktop screen of your PC. If you have a problem with Google Hangout, you then switch to use Skype to talk and TeamViewer to share the screen.

Do you really guarantee job opportunity?

Yes. We guarantee you are offered an internship and a job opportunity as long as you show a satisfactory programming skill during the course. Programming is not a rocket science. Like mastering foreign languages, what it takes is your continued efforts. We strongly believe you can master programming if you really want to be a professional programmer.

Whom am I working with after the course?

After you complete the course, you will work with our close partner, an IT company based in Japan and Philippine. The company needs a large number of programmers due to a substantial demand for programming orders. You will be engaged with the company as freelancer after internship period. Your tutors are working for the company and will lead you on various programming projects during internship and afterwards. The course is structured so that you can learn and work seamlessly.

How much salary will I get after the course?

We offer you a monthly salary of BDT 10,000 during internship and an initial monthly salary of BDT 15,000 – 20,000 when you become a freelancer. The salary depends on your programming skill at a time you start. We monitor your performance during the course and internship to decide initial monthly salary for you. Even after that, you have a chance to increase your salary going if you enhance your programming skill. Your salary also varies according to the labor market in Bangladesh programming industry that we are following.

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