Welcome to OliveCode,
a job-guaranteed online programming course for Bangladeshi.

We set up our service to realize your hidden potential and change your life.

We name the service “OliveCode”.

Olive represents “wisdom” in Greek mythology and pigeon holding olive in its mouth represents “peace” in the Bible. Olive bears a lot of fruits for centuries if we keep giving nutritious materials to it. We believe all these images of olive fit with our concept of the service

Olive photo

OliveCode is 4-month private lesson for beginners so you don’t need experience as professional engineer helps you learn the basics

The course is delivered online and you can learn programming anytime anywhere.

After you passed a final test of the course, we guarantee online 2-month internship at an IT company and job opportunity for you.

We look forward to seeing you on the course.

ihara san

Hiroto Ihara

Chief Executive Officer
Edoo Inc.

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